Safeguarding and welfare requirements

Children learn best when they are healthy, safe and secure, when their individual needs are met, and when they

have positive relationships with the adults caring for them. The safeguarding and welfare requirements are

designed to help providers like ourselves to create a high quality setting which is welcoming, safe and stimulating,

and where children are able to enjoy learning and grow in confidence.

We will always take the necessary steps to keep children safe and well.

We will ensure we promote:

good health, manage behaviour, maintain records and policies & procedures.


Examples of some of our policies and procedures in place.

All policies and procedures are available for viewing at the preschool

Safeguarding Children 

First Aid

Food Hygiene

ICT & E-Safety Policy

Key Person Staff

Administering Medicines


Achieving positive behaviour

Children’s safety on the Premises

Supervision of Children on Outings

Risk assessment

Fire Safety and Emergency Evacuation

Parental Involvement

Children’s Records

Transfer of Records to School

Payment of Fees